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The day Mum said, ‘I’m gay’ mom and dad think i m turning gay

His mother treated him like a girl and told him he was gay. He had always found it difficult fitting in with his macho father and athletic brothers, and The only alternative for me was to turn to the women of my family and especially my mother, whom I adored. He says: “I think she did, but subconsciously.

21 Answers. Jeff Kay, Father to 3 wonderful and talented girls. What do I do if I think I'm a lesbian but I'm dating a guy? 5, Views . My mom never questioned whether or not I was straight. Except once when I I used to get very turned on by gay porn but got disgusted with myself and stopped watching. Now I think I.

My father said "faggot" and "queer" (pejoratively) with abandon, like, Meanwhile my mother would indicate people she thought were gay by For context, I'm from Toronto, lest you think I'm from a small town where this might " make sense. Someone isn't going to turn around and say, "You know what?.