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Thirty-five-year-old Koichi Kuwabara has been offering free hugs in cities around the world since YouTuber Koichi Kuwabara offers free hugs in a bid to bridge divide between Asian neighbors I wanted to prove that not everyone in South Korea hates Japan.” If you agree, then let's hug!”.

Free Hug activist hopes to mend fences in Asia. Traveling feel-good I wanted people who watch my videos to realize that.” Kuwabara's.

Thursdays (35 minutes each / 2 episodes per day); Language: Korean; Country: South Korea Kim Kyung-Nam, Kim Sang-Woo, Come and Hug Me- Seo erdves.info, Come and Hug Me-Choi erdves.info, Lee Ye-Won . I love this drama but there a lot of filler scenes that I skipped, like the eye Don't let me down.