The Scorpion Files - Hadrurus arizonensis (Iuridae) - desert hairy scorpion stings dog


Desert Hairy Scorpion, Giant Hairy Scorpions Hadrurus hirsutus, H. spadix, H. arizonensis desert hairy scorpion stings dog

Desert hairy scorpions are the largest scorpions in North America. They measure 4 They often wait inside a burrow and ambush prey with their stinger once prey are in range. Desert hairy scorpions are a popular scorpion in the pet trade.

Giant desert hairy scorpion stings should be treated like a bee sting. Wash it thoroughly with soap and water to clean the wound. Apply a cold pack to reduce .

The Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion is one of the most frequently kept species of scorpions Their sting is typically compared to a wasp sting in terms of severity. burrow under tank decorations, leading to that very decoration crushing your pet.