Britney Spears Allegedly Going Bald From Too Much Hair Dye - britney shaved wear wig


Britney Spears appears to be wearing a wig in Lucky magazine shoot | Daily Mail Online britney shaved wear wig

Video: Click here to see video of Britney wearing a wig Spears also may have shaved off her hair in an act of rebellion against her mother.

After Britney shaved her head, what did she look like while she was growing out her hair? I know they gave her wigs and extensions as damage control, but I wonder what she looked like once they were removed? They say hair grows about 6 inches a year, so like I wonder what she.

She was also estranged from her mother, Lynne Spears.) A year later, Brit, who by then was wearing different wigs to cover her bald head, was.