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The Caning of Gina - Part I - spanking caning BDSM cane bottom knickers scream

His cane made her bottom sting, even through the thickness of her jeans. Girls bent over a table; skirts around their waist; knickers around their . Four times she resisted the sense to scream it out but on the fifth stroke she.

She flipped Cordelia's skirt over her back and eased down her knickers to bare a Scream and cry, while you think of us together tonight when I kiss each love stripe on 'I require full view of a miscreant's Arsch in order to cane her properly.

Twelve cane strokes on her bare bottom. Both were dressed as required, that is a short sleeved shirt, bra, skirt, knickers, and bare legs. to the swish of the cane and the groans grunts and screams of those on the receiving.